Eliminate Pain & Anxiety in your Students

in the 

5-Day Mini Course for Teachers

Studio Teachers

  • Do you wonder why so many of your students play with tension?

  • Are you worried about the levels of anxiety that you see in students?

  • Are you confident you have tools to help them reduce pain & anxiety?

Did you know...?

There’s a hidden problem in our profession:

3 out of 4 musicians stop playing because of pain.

The thing is, the origins of pain and injury begin

years before the symptoms show up.


They're actually built into our culture of competition and criticism, starting with our very first lessons,

and can foster tension and anxiety for decades to come. 


How, in the context of a music lesson,

can we help our students prevent pain

and play with more joy and ease


Here's a class to help you do exactly that:

The Music Minus Pain

5-Day Mini Course for Teachers!



Eliminate Pain & Anxiety in your Students

in the 

5-Day Mini Course for Teachers

What You’ll Do…

The first 4 days of lessons illuminate

the problems that cause tension, and

the top tools you need to make permanent changes.


They prepare you for the HEART of the entire course-




led by

Dr. Lea Pearson, Master Teacher


  1. Each day, you'll get a 10-20 min. Video Lesson, with tools you can use right away to transform your teaching.
  2. You'll join a Private Facebook Community of successful teachers to support you in your journey of discovery!'
  3. On Day 5 you'll join me for a LIVE workshop at 7PM Eastern
  4. You'll get this entire Music Minus Pain 5-Day Mini Course for Teachers, a $395 value, for FREE!

Master Teacher Dr. Lea Pearson has been training students, performers, and teachers in innovative techniques for over 30 years. She holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts in flute performance, a Master’s Degree in flute from Stanford University, and was a Fulbright Scholar at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.


One of the first Body Mapping Educators in the world, Dr. Pearson created the acclaimed book Body Mapping for Flutists: What Every Flute Teacher Needs to Know About the Body. She has helped thousands of musicians recover their ability to play with joy and ease with her sold-out workshops & master classes.


Her influence among flute teachers is legendary. Guiding international performers from Brazil to China, Dr. Pearson has taught at London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama, the US Air Force Band, and more than 100 colleges, conservatories, military bases, conferences and festivals worldwide.


An active performer, college teacher, and a Kennedy Center Teaching Artist, Dr. Pearson applies her expertise to solving the music industry’s hidden secret: the pain & anxiety caused by traditional teaching methods.


Her chosen legacy is to transform the system of music education so all musicians can fully and freely express their artistic voice.

The awareness Lea gives through her teaching & visuals is priceless. It gives us 'best practices' for efficient body use... working smarter & not harder. Pass it on to your students to avoid injuries and to achieve peak performance.

Andrea Mather-Stow, oboist


I’m really impressed at how you create spaciousness in a class. You’re doing more than just giving information. You take the time to show the real body connections, and to make sure we clearly integrate & embody the knowledge before going on.

Cobus Dutoit 

Prof. of Flute

 Univ. of Mass. at Amherst 


The information you offer and the way you deliver it (with LOVE!) is the most fantastic teaching I have ever been part of. I am so grateful and eager to begin working through my bodily tension and figuring it all out.


Jennifer Cluff

flutist & teacher


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